SD Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist – 3 openings

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More!! New Online Courses Available for Autumn 2014

More courses are available for Autumn quarter registration.

Students can take some of the most popular online credit classes as part of their normal tuition load and pay an online fee of $350 per class. These select online courses are offered in a group-start format, which means students can interact with their classmates and complete the course during the quarter.Courses are offered as part of normal tuition load and pay an online fee of only $350 per class. This select online course is offered in a group-start format and is listed on the fall quarter 2014 time schedule. Online courses are housed at the UW Seattle campus. UW Bothell and UW Tacoma students should check with advising staff at their home campuses before enrolling in classes they expect to count towards their degree program. These courses do not count as residence credit; students should consult with their adviser for any questions.

COM 318: The Creative Advantage (I&S)

COM 339: The Business of Media in the Digital Age (I&S)

JSIS C/CHID 380: Theories in the Study of Religion (I&S)

JSIS A/POL S 435 Japanese Government and Politics (I&S)

PHIL 102: Contemporary Moral Problems (VLPA/I&S)

POL S 312: Survey of American Political Thought (I&S)

Thank you,



Jeaneen Bougard| Administrator, Online Learning | UW Professional and Continuing Education | Box 359485 | p: 206.221.8335 | f: 206.543.8032 |

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Nosh on Nature: Lunch Speaker Series Thursday, Sept. 25 in Wallace Hall 012, 12:30-1:30pm

Nosh on Nature

Nosh on Nature is a regular speaker series bringing students, alumni, faculty and environmental professionals together over lunch to talk about the latest environmental issues. Nosh on Nature is hosted by Environmental Studies at the UW Program on the Environment.

Lunch Speaker Series

Edible Education

Thursday, Sept. 25 in Wallace Hall 012, 12:30-1:30pm

​Lunch Provided – ​




Seattle Youth Garden Works empowers homeless

and underserved youth through garden-based education and employment. Kristen Rower, Program Manager of will talk about how this program provides employment training in sustainable urban agriculture. Hear how participants get experience with growing, cooking and selling produce, and find out how you can get involved.


Nosh on Nature is a regular speaker series bringing students, alumni, faculty and environmental professionals together over lunch to talk about the latest environmental issues. Nosh on Nature is hosted by Environmental Studies at the UW Program on the Environment.

Thank you!


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Volunteer Opportunity Announcement

Hello new and returning students!

Are you looking to get geared-up for classes and research but don’t have any current opportunities to get out to the woods?
Are you interested in nutrient cycling, taking in fresh forest air or finding out what happens to tree farm areas after they are logged/thinned?

Matt Norton, a graduate student here in SEFS is working on modeling the decomposition of stumps in a tree far setting. His work mainly involves using a resistograph, a tool for determining wood density, to establish the degree of decay in stumps. During field work, additional samples will be taken for carbon and nitrogen analysis to relate the amounts of these nutrients in stumps to their density. The work is not hard but is in rough terrain and requires proper field dress as well as some personal protective equipment, which will be provided. He is looking for two to three students for five field days (TBD by weather). This project is scheduled to continue on 9/18 (again dependent on weather).

If you are interested in getting into the swing of things by helping out in the field, or if you are just looking for some hours of research, please contact Matt Norton at

Thank you and have a great Fall Quarter!

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Mensurationist position available at Humboldt State


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New!! Online Course Available Autumn 2014 ECON 200 Q

The following online course is now available on the Autumn 2014 time schedule:

ECON 200 Q Introduction to Microeconomics (5) I&S, QSR SLN: 23201
Analysis of markets: consumer demand, production, exchange, the price system, resource allocation, government intervention. Recommended: MATH 111.

Courses are offered as part of normal tuition load and pay an online fee of only $350 per class. This select online course is offered in a group-start format and is listed on the fall quarter 2014 time schedule. Online courses are housed at the UW Seattle campus. UW Bothell and UW Tacoma students should check with advising staff at their home campuses before enrolling in classes they expect to count towards their degree program. These courses do not count as residence credit; students should consult with their adviser for any questions.

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aut14 Great new iSchool course for students!

INFO 102 – Women in Technology

  • Instructor: Laura Schildkraut
  • 5 credits, standard grading
  • Monday/Wednesday; 1:30-3:20 p.m.
  • Lab: Monday; 3:30-4:20 p.m.

This course will expose students to the Information Technology (IT) field and its opportunities for women across a wide range of industries and roles. It will help bring a necessary diversity into IT classes and jobs.

IT jobs are not only found in technical companies like Microsoft and Google. They are also found in industries such as Health Care, Environment, Entertainment and Fashion. Many mobile applications, social media, search technology, and electronic games are designed, developed and promoted by people in the IT field.

In addition to showcasing the range of industries, projects and roles in IT, course readings and multimedia screenings will focus on the history of women in IT, differences based on being from different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, and on the ongoing barriers and opportunities for women entering IT fields today.

During the required labs, students will learn a range of skills to begin their exploration into the IT field, and to develop confidence about their ability to master these skills. The culminating element of this course will be real-world IT team projects that will be selected based on student recommendations and interest.

Restr 22346 A 5 MW 130-320 MGH 234 SCHILDKRAUT,LAURA B. Open 12/ 35 % 

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On campus service-learning opportunity for Juniors & Seniors

Attention Juniors & Seniors!

Gain Experience and Make a Difference

Be A Tutor-Mentor: EDUC 401 L & M

UW’s Academic Support Program is offering a service-learning seminar titled “EDUC 401: Tutoring and Mentorship in Higher Education” inFall Quarter 2014. This weekly seminar introduces juniors and seniors to tutoring, mentoring, and teaching methodologies. Students apply what they learn in class through tutoring and mentoring new transfer, freshman, and sophomore students who are transitioning socially, culturally, and academically to the UW. This is a great opportunity for seasoned students to give back to UW by sharing their knowledge and experience.

· Seminar begins 2nd week of Fall Quarter, September 29th, 2014

· Seminar meets on Mondays from 3:30-4:50 PM or from 6:00-7:20 PM

· Tutoring takes place on campus

· Receive 2 credits for working with one student, or receive 3 credits for working with two students

· A letter of recommendation will be available upon request after completion of the seminar

For more information, visit our website at:

For registration information, please contact Leslie Ikeda at:


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Iowa Outreach Coordinator

Attached is a Pheasants Forever job announcement for an Outreach Coordinator in Iowa with Pheasants Forever, Inc. Work directly with Pheasants Forever/Quail Forever (PF/QF) chapters and volunteers to provide shooting sports, mentored hunting opportunities and community based habitat projects to youth, young adults and families by maximizing existing PF/QF and Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) programs. Develop and implement a volunteer training program that will provide basic instructor skills to volunteers engaged in mentored hunting programs and shooting sports. Develop and implement a long term mentoring program at the grass roots level to provide a social support for beginning hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts. Plus, much more. Deadline to apply is October 13, 2014.

For more information and to apply, please follow the link: PF BlogOn The Wing Fan Page

IA Outreach Coord Announcement.docx

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Univ Kentucky post doc announcement

For Health PostDoc_Announcement_Final.pdf

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Univ of Arkansas 4 faculty positions

Forest Biology_Ecophys.pdf

NR Communications Announcement.pdf

Quantitative Science Announcement.pdf

RS_GIS Announcement.pdf

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Register Now! Environmental Innovation Practicum ENTRE 443/543, ENGR 498, ENVIR 495

Register Now!
Innovation in Cleantech + Market Opportunity = Solutions for the Planet


ENTRE 443/543, ENGR 498, ENVIR 495

Fall Quarter, Tuesdays 4-5:50 pm, Paccar Hall 292

Instructor: Deb Hagen-Lukens dlhagen

Prerequisites: None. Recommended for juniors and above, including grad students.

For a list of speakers and topic click here!

Discover the universe of cleantech solutions to our most pressing environmental challenges and raise awareness of how you can be part of the solution. You’ll form cross-disciplined teams around problems you identify, and present your solutions to the class. Although not required, teams are invited to compete in the newly named Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge April 2, 2015.

The seminar consists of a selection of required readings and a series of industry experts who will speak on a specific cleantech topic. You will work in teams to present a proposed solution to an environmental problem. The final deliverable for the class is a 5-10 minute presentation.

Course topics include:

· Environmental challenges and opportunities linked to cleantech.

  • How to translate an idea into an actual device/product/company.
  • Market assessment (who would be the customer for this product or service?)

Questions? ptufts

Pam Tufts |Assistant DirectorBuerk Center for Entrepreneurship

Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge

UW Foster School of Business, Dempsey Hall 227
206.685-3813 ptufts

UWEIC Facebook

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FLAS Fellowships for undergraduate, graduate and professional students

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS) available to undergraduate, graduate and professional students

FLAS fellowships award tuition and a living stipend as follows:

Academic Year Graduate: $18,000 tuition, $15,000 living stipend

Academic Year Undergraduate: $10,000 tuition, $5,000 living stipend

Summer Graduate/Undergraduate: $5,000 tuition, $2,500 living stipend

The FLAS Fellowship is available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. FLAS Fellowships support study of the following languages and their world regions:

-Arabic –Bangla -Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian –Bulgarian –Burmese -Canadian First Nations –Chinese –Czech –Danish -Estonian -Filipino/Tagalog –Finnish –French –German –Hebrew –Hindi -Indonesian/Malay –Italian –Japanese –Kazakh –Khmer –Korean –Latvian –Lithuanian –Norwegian –Persian –Polish –Portuguese –Russian –Slovenian –Spanish –Swahili –Swedish –Tajik –Thai –Turkish –Uighur –Urdu –Uzbek –Vietnamese

FLAS Information Sessions, covering FLAS benefits and requirements, the application process, and the use of FLAS awards abroad, will be held at the following dates and times:

Thomson 317: T Oct 29, 3:30-4:30/ Wed Nov 6, 2:30-3:30/ T Nov 26, 2:30-3:30

Applications due January 30, 2015. Questions: email flas

For more information, visit

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Ushirikiano: Building a Sustainable Future in Kenya’s Northern Rangelands

Ushirikiano: Building a Sustainable Future in Kenya’s Northern Rangelands
(teNeues Publishing Group, 2011)

The Prix Pictet Commission is an invitation for one of the photographers short-listed for the Prix Pictet to document a sustainability project in a particular country or region.

For the third Commission, Chris Jordan took photographs on a fieldtrip to the Nakuprat-Gotu Conservancy in Northern Kenya, an initiative led by tribal Elders, which aims to bring peace and prosperity to a region ravaged by violence and climate change. Jordan’s photographs both document the problems – particularly the poaching of elephants – and celebrate the heroes and triumphs of what he calls a “quiet revolution” aimed at building a sustainable future for this community.

Published by teNeues.

96 pages + 1 gatefold
54 color illustrations
size: 9 x 11 in.
ISBN: 978-3-8327-9617-4

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Forest Roads Manager

POSITION: Forest Roads Manager

SALARY: $64,584 annually, less 5% during probation

REPORTS TO: Transportation Program Director

LOCATION: Nespelem, Washington

Forest Roads Manger Post J-7278 doc (2).pdf

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chem stockroom ug helper (campus job)

Looking for a campus job:

Student Helper positions for the Chemistry Research Stockroom in Bagley Hall are open for the Autumn Quarter (September 24th-January 4th).

The days and hours for shifts are:
Monday-Friday 9am-12pm and 1pm-4:30pm

Starting salary is $9.32 per hour.

Employment will start Wednesday, the 24th of September, and continue until the beginning of Winter Quarter with future employment opportunities if both parties agree. Flexible shifts to accommodate for the holidays.

Interviews will commence immediately.

If you are interested please respond by email indicating your desired days and hours of work. Be sure to attach a current resume and a class schedule.



Student Helper Ad.docx

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Upcoming Forest Service Pathways Positions info

I just wanted to give you a heads up that I have been seeing some emails flying here in the agency regarding this year’s hiring cycle for Pathways Intern Indefinite positions (the replacement program for SCEP). It sounds like external student announcements about available Pathways positions will be made around October 20-24 of this year.

Furthermore, I just saw that the Forest Service has been authorized to bring Intern Indefinite Pathways positions (not Recent Grad Pathways positions, unfortunately) in forestry or natural resource related fields, such as botany, horticulture, ecology, planning, soil scientists, and hydrology, to this year’s SAF Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 8-11. So I would encourage current students looking for internships to attend that event, if at all possible.

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2015 NWSA Student Grant Opportunity (ug,grad)

The Northwest Scientific Association awards grants of up to $1,500 to support student research in the pure and applied sciences.

If you are a student we encourage you to submit a proposal by January 21, 2015. This is a great opportunity to fund your research, organize a grant proposal, add substance to your curriculum vitae (CV), and potentially have your research published in the scientific quarterly, Northwest Science.

The student grant proposal guidelines and instructions for applying are attached.

Additional information can be found at our website:<>

Thank you and feel free to share this announcement!


Andrea Pipp

NWSA Board Member

Confidentiality Notice: This E-mail and any attachments is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. & 2510-2524, is confidential and may be legally privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any retention, dissemination, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. Please reply to the sender that you have received the message in error, and permanently delete the original and destroy any copy, including printed copies of this email and any attachments thereto.

2015_Student Grant Instructions.pdf

2015_Student Grant Instructions.pdf

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Opportunities for students to engage in local conservation events with Conservation NW!

Volunteers needed for the I90 Gold Creek Planting Party on October 4th and 11th!

Join Conservation Northwest and partners for a fall planting party to restore and connect habitat near Snoqualmie Pass in the I 90 corridor. We’ll be planting native plants including ground cover, shrubs, and willows all around the Gold Creek pond area. Our next planting party is OCTOBER 4th and OCTOBER 11th, from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm. Please RSVP to Alison Huyett (Alison).

Gold Creek is an essential pathway for wildlife moving north and south in Washington’s Cascades and needs greater protection and connectivity. Beginning in 2007, Conservation Northwest and partners began restoration efforts reducing invasive and recovering native plants. Not only is Gold Creek an important place for wildlife, it also offers popular and important recreation opportunities including picnic areas, an ADA accessible trail, and trail access to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Join us in our efforts to improve Gold Creek for wildlife and human uses!

More information is available on our website:

Beverages, snacks, work gloves, and tools will be provided, but bring a lunch and extra water. If you have your own favorite gardening gloves, feel free to bring those as well.

Alison Huyett

Conservation Associate | Conservation Northwest

Office: 206.675.9747 x 201

Cell: 410.693.1591


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NEW Online Global Health 101 Offering – Autumn 2014

G H 101: Introduction to Global Health: Disparities, Determinants, Policies, and Outcomes (5 credits) I&S

Format – Online course

Global Health 101 is being offered online for the first time during the upcoming fall quarter. The course will parallel the in-class version of the course, focusing on weekly readings and lectures, a midterm and final exam, and completion of a modified Global Fund proposal (a series of seven weekly assignments that culminate in a final project at the end of the quarter). Exams will be held in-person on the UW Seattle campus. Students who are not able to take the mid-term or final exam at the scheduled location will need to identify a proctor, have the proctor approved by the instructor, and request that the exam be sent to your proctor.

The course page will be available to students on September 20th, with a new module opening weekly. Each module will contain about 3 hours of lecture per week for students to watch online, in addition to some videos. Other than the syllabus and course outline, modules will not be opened in advance of their scheduled week. There will be a few discussion forums throughout the quarter, but the major graded components will be the weekly assignments associated with the Global Fund (done independently) and the midterm and final exams. The Global Fund project asks students to mimic an actual Global Fund proposal (in MUCH less intensity and detail) by selecting a country, researching its health indicators, and coming up with a proposal to improve health in that location.

The midterm and final will both be held at 6:30 pm in the Health Sciences Building on the UW Seattle campus – the midterm is scheduled for October 29th, and the final will be held December 10th.

Questions? Please contact the course instructor Todd Faubion at tfaubion

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