World Literature and the Nobel Prize–3 credits this fall

Autumn 2017

C LIT 200

SLM: 12001

Tuesday 12:30-2:20, Quiz sections Thursday

3 credits (C/NC), VLPA

This course offers a grand tour of world literature as seen through the writings of Nobel Prize winners.

Check out the link below for more details!


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Future Foreign Service Officers: Rangel Fellowship opening in June


The time to apply for the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowship program is this summer for rising seniors and those seeking to begin graduate study in Fall 2018. The fellowship provides up to $47,500 annually for two years. The application will likely open in mid-June and close in mid-September. I’ve included a brief summary of the fellowship including eligibility information below. Our office is open all summer and we are happy to talk with students about this fellowship and support their applications. You can read more about the program online at

*As an additional note, UW’s own Hamda Yusuf (class of 2016) was named a 2016 Rangel Fellow and is set to begin her graduate studies this coming autumn. You’ll find her picture and can read a little bit about her study plans on our website at



· The Rangel Program plans awards approximately 30 fellowships of up to $47,500 annually towards tuition, room, board, books and mandatory fees for completion of two-year master’s degrees. At the conclusion of two years of study, the Rangel Fellow is expected to have obtained a degree in international affairs or another area of relevance to the work of the Foreign Service at a graduate or professional school approved by the Rangel Program. Awardees are expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 throughout their period of study.

Additional award benefits:

· Two summer internships (Capitol Hill and Overseas at U.S. Embassies): Fellows will participate in two internships. The first, an internship working on international issues for Members of Congress in Washington, D.C., will occur in the summer after being selected and before the first year of graduate study. The second will be an overseas internship in a U. S. Embassy that takes place during the summer between the first and second years of graduate study.

· Mentoring: Each Fellow will receive mentoring from a Foreign Service Officer throughout the duration of the fellowship as well as during his/her early employment at the State Department


· Applicants must be U.S. citizens.

· Applicants must be seeking admission to enter graduate school in the fall of 2018 for a two-year program at a U.S. university in an area of relevance to the Foreign Service. They can be in their senior year of their undergraduate studies, graduating by June 2018, or they can be college graduates.

· Applicants must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or higher on a 4.0 scale at the time of application.


· The Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowship & Awards is open during the summer! Contact scholarq to set up an appointment. We’re happy to work via skype if you have travel plans this summer.


* Students, you can schedule scholarship advising appointments using Google Calendar. Follow the link,, and choose a time that works for you!

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Summer course in math education!

EDUC 171: Math for Upper Elementary

and Middle Grades Teachers

Summer, 2017, A-term
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, 8 – 11:30
(5 credits, Letter-graded)

This course aims to deepen your knowledge of mathematics in a manner that would allow you to become a thoughtful and confident teacher of mathematics in the upper elementary or middle grades.

educ 171 flyer.doc

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NEAR E 429 in Summer Quarter


NEAR E 429: Islamic Mystical Literature

(5 credits)

Tuesday-Thursday 1:10-3:20

Condon Hall 141

SLN Number 12514

An overview of the development of mystical and spiritual literature in the Islamic world as it functions within the institutional structure of Sufism, with representative readings from principal Sufi authors and poets, including Rabi‘a al-‘Adawiyah (d. 801 C.E.),Mansur al-Hallaj (d. 922 C.E.), Nizami Ganjavi (d. 1209 C.E.), Farid al-Din ‘Attar (d, 1221 C.E.), and Jalal al-Din Rumi (d. 1273 C.E.). This quarter, the course will focus on Arabic and, to a lesser extent, Persian language and literature. Since this is a NE prefix course (not an ARAB or PERS course) we will only be reading texts in English translation.

Therefore, no knowledge of Arabic (or any other language except English) is required


NEAR E 429 Islamic Mystical Literature.pdf

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AUT17- ESS307 Diversity Outreach


This course examines issues of diversity in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), while also providing students with the opportunity to build on the knowledge by directly engaging in community efforts to promote and increase access to STEM for underserved students in the Pacific Northwest. The core of the course relies on the critical analysis of the relationship between science, diversity, and social justice. Students will also receive hands-on training in STEM lesson planning, interactive workshop design, and how to design culturally appropriate outreach activities.

This class will provide the opportunity for undergraduates to lead Earth and Space Sciences outreach in rural and underserved areas. Undergraduates will gain critical skills for increasing the interest and expertise of Earth and Space Sciences content for middle and high school students. Undergraduates will be exposed to and experience firsthand the barriers that underserved and underrepresented populations in the Northwest face prior to pursuing careers in STEM.

ESS307 is open to all students with an academic background in STEM. Prerequisites can be discussed in a case by case basis by contacting Isabel Carrera at


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Neah Bay: Telling Our Stories



There is still time to apply to be part of the Pipeline – Neah Bay Telling Our Stories 2017-18 Team!

Please apply before May 30th because the team needs to be formed before the end of this school year as you will be traveling out to beautiful Neah Bay in September before the UW begins classes.

Read details in the attached but think about being part of an experience that truly is transformational!

Read about this year’s team here:


Pipeline Project Flyer + Application.pdf

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Watershed Restoration & Environmental Education AmeriCorps Positions Available

The Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) is recruiting applicants for environmental AmeriCorps Members for the Fall 2017-18 program, and we thought the students in your program would be an excellent match. These positions are great for recent grads and alumni with 1-3 years of experience.
SNAP AmeriCorps Members serve 11 months with a Sierra Nevada, California enivronmental nonprofit or agency. Members conduct and lead watershed restoration projects, do ecological monitoring, conduct environmental education and outreach, and recruit and manage volunteers, as well as participate in career development and training. This is a unique opportunity for students and graduates to gain valuable experience in environmental organizations and agencies while working on key environmental issues facing communities in the Sierra Nevada.
Click here to learn more about the SNAP Program and what we do.
We request your assistance in spreading information about our program to interested applicants by:
1. Posting this announcement on job boards or listserves your program has related to employment/internships.
2. Forwarding the program recruitment email piece below to interested students and relevant student clubs.
3. Talking about the program directly with specific students who you think would be good applicants.
4. Sending the entire email to other staff or faculty in related fields and asking them to help by sending the email to students and making the announcement in their classes.
Thank you for your time, support, and attention. Please let me know if you have any questions about the SNAP program, and feel free to forward any interested individuals on to me.
Click here to download the SNAP Position Announcement. Click here to download the SNAP 2017-18 Program Flyer. Click here to download the SNAP Position Description.

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English 200A: Waters of the Northwest (Summer A-Term)

Waters of the Pacific Northwest

English 200 A
Summer 2017 – A-term
MTWTh – 9:40-11:30 am
Sieg Hall 227
Instructor: Megan Callow

In this course we will explore a selection of fiction, essays, and poetry written in or about the Pacific Northwest. Water is one thematic focus of the course because it is arguably an important character, perhaps even the main character, of so much of the literature coming out of the region. Exploring this theme will help us to determine whether there is actually a discernible literature of the Pacific Northwest, or if the literature of the region defies categorization.
ENGL200 Flyer – Callow.pdf

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Summer A Term Course: Scandinavia in World Affairs




  • Learn about norm entrepreneurs
  • Understand Brexit and the EU
  • Earn credits in Scandinavian Studies, Euro Studies, or Poli Sci
  • Satisfy Individuals & Societies (I&S) requirement

Professor Christine Ingebritsen

Summer 2017, A Term

MTWThF 10:20-12:30

How to small states cope in an era of globalism? Why do some states resist membership in NATO and the EU? In this class, questions of foreign, economic, and security policy will all be examined in relation to the Nordic States. Take advantage of summer quarter: smaller class sizes, more access to instructors, and get a class done in half the time!

Ingebritsen 326.pdf

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Become a Dawg Daze Leader!

Apply today to be a Dawg Daze Leader! Help welcome new students back to campus this fall, apply at Applications due May 24th, 2017.




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Study Abroad in India!

Details HERE

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May 22, 2017 · 7:39 pm

Calling All Innovators! Announcing a New UW Technology Competition


Calling all innovators!

Bring your best technology to Tech Day, a new competition to solve city goods delivery problems!

What is Tech Day?
A challenge held by the Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Center at the UW in which tech companies and student teams compete for the opportunity for face time with investors, and senior corporate and city executives looking for real-world solutions to urban goods delivery problems. A $1,000 cash prize may be awarded to the best student solution thanks to Pacific Northwest Transportation Consortium (PacTrans).

How does it work?
Four finalists will be selec ted from the submissions received by June 30, 2017. The top four contenders will present their concept or solution to a panel of judges.

What are you looking for?
Technologies that will deliver solutions for cities and companies in the Urban Freight Lab to resolve one or more of the following goals:

* Improving truck parking space productivity in the city’s Commercial Vehicle Load Zones (CVLZs) and other load/unload spaces at the
curb and in alleys and freight bays,
* Reducing failed first deliveries, and
* Reducing dwell time in public/private truck spaces.

How do I apply?
Complete the short entry form and upload your proposed solution. You have two pages to make your case, and a half page to tell us who you are.
Learn More Button



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May 22: Cultures of Connection: Combatting Online Aggression

Cultures of Connection: Combatting Online Aggression
Public lecture for students, staff, and faculty
Monday, May 22, 2017
Kane 110, UW Seattle
This event is free and open to the entire UW community.

Speaker: Danielle Keats Citron, Morton & Sophia Macht Professor of Law, University of Maryland Carey School of Law, and Author of Hate Crimes in CyberSpace (Harvard University Press 2014)

Join this University-wide conversation on cyberstalking, cyberbullying, trolling, and other acts of online aggression. Such acts create isolation and deep personal violations. It’s up to us to discourage online aggression and foster learning environments that strengthen our connections. Come hear how others healed and recovered from cyber hate crimes.

The talk will be recorded for hosted viewing on Tacoma, Bothell, and WWAMI sites for those unable to attend in person.

This event is part of a collaborative cyber safety initiative co-sponsored by Academic and Student Affairs, The Graduate School, Student Life, Undergraduate Affairs, Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, and the Resilience Lab.

The University of Washington is committed to providing access, equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, activities, education and employment for individuals with disabilities. To request disability accommodation contact the Disability Services Office at least ten days in advance at: 206.543.6450/V, 206.543.6452/TTY, 206.685.7264 (FAX), or e-mail at

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ESS 420 AUT 2017 Course Flyer

Check out the course flyer for ESS 420: Introduction to GIS for the Earth Sciences!

Course Overview:
Earth surface phenomena generally do not occur in uniform patterns, but are instead
heterogeneously distributed across space. Hence, the ability to examine and analyze these spatial patterns is an incredibly useful tool for earth scientists – and one such analytic tool at our disposal is the use of geographic information systems (GIS). This hands-on computer lab and lecture course provides an introduction to the use of GIS in the earth sciences. We begin by covering the fundamentals of GIS, including the way spatial data are represented and stored, the software tools available (with a focus on ESRI ArcGIS), and many of the fundamental methods of analysis. This introduction also includes some of the theoretical aspects of GIS. The course covers these fundamentals through examples in the earth sciences and beyond, and then explores various earth science applications of GIS in greater depth. Topics include discussion of imported data for GIS analysis, introductions to analyses of topography and hydrologic flow, mapping and analysis, and a brief overview of other geomorphologic phenomena for which GIS can serve as a useful if not essential tool. For more information, contact Steven Walters,
Note: This course (or equivalent) is required for the 3-week field, 3-week GIS section of “ESS 400: Field Geology”

It’s worth noting that the Spring section of ESS 420 tends to fill up quickly (because many of our students need it as a prerequisite for field camp in Summer), so for students from other departments who’d like to take the course, we’d strongly encourage them to plan to take it in Autumn.

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MBA in Sustainable Business – Presidio Graduate School late admissions

Thinking about an MBA? Here is a program that was recommended by a current student in the program!

Presidio Graduate School is doing a late round of admissions and the deadline is June 1st.

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The “Great Green Wall” Didn’t Stop Desertification, but it Evolved Into Something That Might

It was a simple plan to combat a complex problem. The plan: plant a Great Green Wall of trees 10 miles wide and 4,350 miles long, bisecting a dozen countries from Senegal in the west to Djibouti in the east. The problem: the creeping desertification across Africa.

“The desert is a spreading cancer,” Abdoulaye Wade, Senegal’s president and the wall’s standard bearer, said. “We must fight it. That is why we have decided to join in this titanic battle.”

There were just a few problems.

Read more:
Give the gift of Smithsonian magazine for only $12!
Follow us: @SmithsonianMag on Twitter

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Seminar on May 23: Exploring Relationships between Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

The Economics Undergraduate Board is hosting a seminar on Tuesday, May 23rd, titled: “Exploring Relationships between Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation”. The guest lecturer for the event is Professor Nives Dolsak.

The seminar is open to all majors and faculty, and will take place in Bagley Hall 154 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm. The event will be followed by a Pizza Social!

Check out the flyer below for more information:

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Outreach for GS-0404-05 Biological Science Technician (Soils)






GS-0404-05 Biological Science Technician (Soils) 

For the 2017 Field Season – ~June to October, 2017

The Deschutes National Forest will be advertising a GS-0404-05 Biological Science Technician (Soils) position for the 2017 field season.  The position is a TEMPORARY SEASONAL appointment with a maximum six-month tour of duty (limited to 1,039 hours), and will be located at the Bend/Fort Rock Ranger District in Bend, Oregon.  Only one position at this duty location will be filled.  No government housing is available at this location.  The purpose of this Outreach Notice is to inform potential applicants about this position. If you are interested in this position you will need to apply at during the vacancy announcement open period (not yet determined).  Outreach respondents will be directly notified of the vacancy announcement number and open period.

Anyone interested in further information or receiving a copy of the vacancy announcement when it opens is advised to complete and return the attached Outreach Response form as soon as possible.


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Summer 2017: UW Field studies in Agroecology and Permaculture with Native American Farmers in New Mexico and Colorado

UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON Summer B Session (July 20-Aug 19, 2017) ANTH 488-Agroecology

2017 ACEQUIA AGRECOLOGY & PERMACULTURE FIELD SCHOOL. Students will work with Native American farmers in Tesuque Pueblo, NM and acequia farmers in San Luis, CO. Focus is indigenous knowledge of soil biodynamics and seed saving practices. The Acequia Institute partnered with UW to subsidize lodging. Enroll now; space limited. For add code email Professor Peña at: dpena@uw.ed

See the attached flyer for more information.
ANTH 488 2017 Summer Field School in Agroecology and Permaculture.pdf

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Autumn 2017: FISH 497A Parasite Ecology

From: Envirolink [] On Behalf Of Samantha Scherer
Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 8:32 AM
To: EnviroLink <>
Subject: [Envirolink] Fwd: FISH 497A Parasite Ecology – Autumn Quarter 2017

Please forward to your students and lists as appropriate:

New Course! Still plenty of room!
FISH 497A Parasite Ecology Lab (5cr)
– MWF 130-220; T 130-420

1.5 billion people are infected with soil-transmitted helminth parasites. Are you? Find out in Parasite Ecology!

Instructor: Chelsea Wood

Pre-req: BIOL 180; to request an add code:

Samantha Scherer, Student Services Manager and Undergrad Advising
Pronouns: she, her
UW School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences | Fishery Sciences Bldg, Suite116 | 206-543-7457
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00-4:00
Website | Student Services Blog | Facebook

FISH 497-406 AUTUMN 2017_2.pdf

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