Two additional internship opportunities with Alaska Department of Fish and Game

I am writing to announce the posting of two additional Summer 2013 Internship Positions (one in Anchorage Wildlife and the other in Commercial Fisheries in Dillingham). Current position postings, along with information about the application process, eligibility, FAQs, and downloadable forms can all be found here:

Please submit a separate application “packet” for each position you are applying for and include the Internship Position Label found on the position posting. A complete application “packet” consists of the following (each labeled with the Internship Position Label):

· ADF&G Internship Program Application

· Cover Letter

· Resume

· 2 Letters of Recommendation

· Transcripts (unofficial – including current enrollment)

· Statement of Eligibility/Proof of Enrollment *

· State of Alaska Applicant Certification Form *

*These forms can be found on the Resources page: (Also, these forms ask for a PCN, you may leave that field blank.)

Please note that the deadline for internship applications is 5:00 pm AK Standard time on the closing date listed on the announcement. All of your application materials must be received by this time in order to be reviewed. Application materials should be submitted via email to dfg.internships . Applications not sent to this email address are not guaranteed to be reviewed.


The same letters of recommendation may be used when applying for multiple positions. However, copies of the letters must be submitted as part of a complete “packet” for EACH position you are applying for.

We do not require letters of recommendation to be confidential from the applicant. This means that a reference can either email the letter of recommendation (including the Internship Position Label) directly to dfg.internships, or the applicant can scan and email the letter themselves. (If you have references that have submitted letters directly to me since January 1, 2013, please let me know and I can include those with your application packet.)

Thank you again for your interest in interning with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and good luck with your application!

Sheila A. Cameron

Internship Coordinator

Alaska Department of Fish and Game



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