2 more undergraduate students needed for my research. Gonzalo Thienel

Spring 2013 : Seeking 2 undergrads for research project/ ESRM 499 credit available, apply by April 4

I am seeking 2 undergraduate students to help me collect data for my PhD dissertation. ESRM 499 credit is available.

General duties Participate in an introductory discussion regarding environmental management business, and analyze around 40 Social Corporate Responsibility Reports.

Requirements Candidate must have excellent synthesis ability, attention to details, and strong work ethics. Most of the work will be done at his/her own schedule, but the entire research team will meet once a week (flexible schedule) to compare results, comments, progress, etc.

How to apply Please e-mail me the following information:

1) reason(s) for interest in this research

2) academic level (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior)

3) previous research experience (if any)

Apply by April 4

Contact information

Gonzalo Thienelgonzothc

PhD Candidate

Faculty sponsoring this research: Stanley Asah

Research Details: Assessing Business Environmental Performance.

Interested in sustainable business? Would you like to empirically know if it pays to be “green”? Join me on my effort to figure out what are the actions (Environmental Management Practices) taken by manufacturing firms that will yield both, high environmental and financial performances.

Evaluating a firm’s environmental performance can be very “tricky”, especially when there are no mandatory standards to report this type of performance. Fortunately, in the last few years, firms have been increasingly publishing their “Social Corporate Responsibility Reports”. These voluntary documents highlight, and describe the efforts pursued by firms to be more sustainable.

By empirically analyzing these reports, I am trying to understand which actions taken by manufacturing firms, are the ones yielding both, good financial and environmental performance.


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