U.S. Coastal & Ocean Law Seminar B565A – space still available GRADS

U.S. Coastal & Ocean Law Seminar B565A


Course focused on “Oceans in Legal Crisis.” It will be co-taught by Professor Rodgers and Dr. Usha Varanasi, recently Director, Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA, and affiliate professor in the College of the Environment. Prof. Rodgers and Dr. Varanasi will strive to incorporate the cutting-edge science into the fabric of the law.

The U.S. has more than 95,000 miles of coastline. The U.S. marine exclusive economic zone is the largest and arguably the richest in the world. Those waters support a diverse ecosystem, serve as a vital highway for waterborne trade, produce much needed food and energy and provide unparalleled recreation opportunities. Increasingly, however, U.S. coastal and marine ecosystems are coming under increasing stress from conflicting use of waterways, habitat alterations, overfishing and pollution. This course examines U.S. constitutional, statutory and common law sources that govern multiple uses of the coastal and ocean zone and its resources. Prerequisites: Open to graduate and law students only. Students must have completed one of the following: Constitutional Law I (Law A 507), International Law of the Sea (Law B 561); Introduction to Marine Affairs, or Administrative Law (Law B 509, SMA 476 or PBAF 505).


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