Environment Summer 2013 Courses

Summer 2013 ENVIR Courses

ENVIR 495 A – Nature Writing in the Pacific Northwest

Using literary texts as primary guides, this experiential learning course will explore a variety of relationships between humans and the natural world in the Pacific Northwest over the last 200 years.

W, 2:20-4:30pm, 3 credits

ENVIR 495 B – Business and the Natural Environment

In this course, we will examine whether how, and why companies should go green and how to take actions to benefit the environment.

MTWTh, 12:40-2:40pm, 3 credits

ENVIR 495 C – Environmental Interpretation

Hands-on training in environmental interpretation for students interested in natural history, tourism and recreation.

T/Th 9:10-12:20pm, 3 credits

ENVIR 495 D – Global Change

This course takes a philosophical and scientific look at the ways in which our local environment has changed in the distant and recent past, and what recent human imposed changes to the landscape mean for our future. The course format is an 8-day wilderness backpacking trip in the Olympic National Park. 5 credits

Email course instructor for more information: tbillo


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