More Summer 2013 Pol S Courses Now Open to Enrollment

A number of new Pol S courses were added to the summer offerings and are now open to enrollment. Below is the list of all of our courses by term that still have room. To see instructor course descriptions (many are
updated) and SLNs, go to the Time Schedule at

Full Term

Pol S 201A, Introduction to Political Theory
Instructor: Deepa Bhandaru
MW 940-1150am

Pol S 202A, Introduction to American Politics
Instructor: Elizabeth Cooper
MW 440-650pm

Pol S 203A, Introduction to International Relations
Instructor: Kristan Seibel
TTh 220-430pm

Pol S 325A, The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Instructor: Yoav Duman
MW 940-1150

Pol S 333, International Relations Topics
Topic: Terrorism and Counterterrorism
Instructor: Steve Zech
TTh 220-430

Pol S 430, Civil-Military Relations
Instructor: Andrew Cockrell
MW 12-210pm

A Term

Pol S 203B, Introduction to International Relations
Instructor: Katherine Banks
M-F 12-220pm

Pol S 205A, Political Science as a Social Science
Instructor: Amanda Clayton
M-F 940-1150am

Pol S 405B, American Politics Seminar
Topic: Patriotism
Instructor: Prof. Christopher Parker
M-Th 220-450pm

Pol S 447, Comparative Politics Seminar
Topic: International Political Economy of the Drug Trade
Instructor: Adrian Sinkler
M-F 12-210pm

B Term

Pol S/GWSS 313, Women in Politics
Instructor: Allison Rank
M-F 12-210pm

Pol S 328, International Organizations
Instructor: Joannie Tremblay-Boire
M-F 12-210pm

Pol S 405A, American Politics Seminar
Topic: Politics of Punishment
Instructor: Naomi Murakawa
M-Th 220-450pm

Pol S 406, Marxian Political Economy
Instructor: Sooenn Park
M-Th 220-450pm

Online Course

Pol S 321, American Foreign Policy
Instructor: Robin Datta


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