Forest Service Recent Graduate Announcement to be posted July 15 – 19, 2013

Below is an updated list of the Recent Graduate Announcements that Forest Service will post July 15 – 19, 2013. Please ensure that your candidates are preparing their profiles on the USA Jobs website and subscribing to the “Saved Searches” option so they don’t miss out on the opportunity to compete.

Saved Searches help candidates look for jobs in their area of interest. The saved search will automatically search for jobs based on candidate’s search criteria, and then email them at their primary email address when there are new jobs entered. They may employ up to 10 Saved Searches. Saved searches will expire one year after the date created unless they are renewed.

13-RG-0401-PW Region 8 GS 0401 9,11 Natural Resource Mgr(NEPA) Mena, AR
13-RG-0401-PW For Mgmt GS 0401 9,11 Natural Resource Spec Newtown Square, PA
13-RG-0408-PW Research GS 0408 11,12 Research Ecologist Delaware, OH
13-RG-0454-PW Region 1 GS 0454 5,7,9 Range/Weeds Program Mgr Potlatch, ID
13-RG-0454-PW Region 4 GS 0454 5,7,9 Rangeland Mgmt Specialist Ferron, UT
13-RG-0454-PW Region 2 GS 0454 5,7,9 Rangeland Mgmt Specialist Chadron, NE
Region 9 GS 0454 7,9 Rangeland Mgmt Specialist Wilmington, IL
13-RG-0454-PW Region 2 GS 0454 5,7,9 Rangeland Mgmt Specialist Wall, SD
13-RG-0460-PW Region 5 GS 0460 5,7,9 Forester Macdoel, CA
13-RG-0460-PW Region 6 GS 0460 5,7,9 Forester Waldport, OR
13-RG-0486-12-PW13-0513-10510FS-PW Region 5 GS 0486 11,12 Wildlife Biologist Porterville, CA
13-RG-0486-09-PW Region 8 GS 0486 5,7,9 Wildlife Biologist Waldron, AR
13-RG-0810-PW Region 9 GS 0810 7,9,11 Civil Engineer Campton, NH
13-RG-0810-PW Region 5 GS 0810 7,9 Civil Engineer Willows, CA
13-RG-1001-05-PW Region 2 GS 1001 4,5 Visitor Information Asst Meeker, CO
13-RG-1001-07-PW Research GS 1001 5,6,7 Agroforestry Information Assistant Lincoln, NE
13-RG-1105-PW13-0203000002-3802G-PW Region 2 GS 1105 5,6,7 Purchasing Agent Custer, SD
13-RG-1109-PW Region 1 GS 1109 5,7,9 Grants Mgmt Specialist Coeur D Alene, ID
Region 3 GS 1315 7,9,11 Hydrologist Albuquerque, NM
Region 3 GS 1373 7,9,11 Land Surveyor Prescott, AZ
13-RG-0462-PW Region 2 GS 0462 5,6,7 Forestry Tech Gunnison, CO
13-RG-0462-PW Region 2 GS 0462 5,6,7 Forestry Tech Grand Junction, CO
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