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Educational Services Pamplona(ESPA) is a company dedicated to the educational sector as well as also being involved in efforts to help local industry branch out into foreign markets. Although ESPA is a new company its staff have ample experience in the educational field especially in their relations with US Universities.

Now at ESPA we are developing more programs in the area of sustainability together with the Engineering Association of Navarre. These programs are aimed at University students who are interested in aspects related to
Renewable Energies and other areas related to sustainability such as Energy Efficiency, Smart Cities, Forestry- Agriculture and Water Pollution. Here in Navarre this has been a central part of policy for the last 25 years and proof of it is the use of renewable energies, the recovery of rivers and forests and the careful use of energy. These have been part of public policy for many years and now Navarre is reaping the benefits of this policy.

The programs on sustainability take place in Pamplona, Spain and are given through English by experts from the respective fields on which the contents are based. They have adequate university training as well as experience in companies that work in the areas mentioned.
Each program lasts for 4 weeks with 100 hours course content divided the following way: 80 hours are contact hours in the classroom and 20 hours are field labs/ field trips to installations related to the subject. This gives the students the opportunity to see in practice what they talk about in class.

Refer to the following links for information on the following Programs:
Sustainability Energy Efficiency 1.pdf
Sustainability Forestry-Agriculture 1.pdf
Sustainability Water and Waste Treatment 1.pdf
Sustaninability Smart Cities 1.pdf


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