Cynthia Harbison PCMI Master’s Defense 10am May 20th AND 22

What: Cynthia Harbison Peace Corps Master’s International Defense

Title: Coping With Resource Constraints: Two Case Studies in Cameroon

When: 10 am Tuesday May 20th, 2014

Where: Anderson 22

Committee: Dr. Ivan Eastin (Chair), Dr. Clare Ryan, Dr. Stanley Asah

Abstract: Cameroon is an extraordinarily diverse country and is home to heavily forested tropical, savannah, and sahelian ecosystems. The incredible diversity of the country leads to a corresponding diversity of development issues. While the country has a large portion of its population living in subsistence states in the rural country, the constraints on these villages vary vastly based on the geographic and environmental locations of the villages. The two sites faced very different resource constraints: one site was located in a lush rain forest, and faced very little natural resource constraints but was very isolated from markets, while the other was located in the dry Sahel and was primarily faced with water and soil fertility issues. The different constraints call for site specific interventions and illustrate how geography affects appropriate poverty alleviation interventions.


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