Region One Timber Strike Team Open Positions

Region One Timber Strike Team

Helena NF, East Side Timber Zone

Missoula, MT

Outreach Announcement for: Forester (Timber Sale Preparation) GS-460-5/7/9 Permanent Seasonal 13/13.

This is an advance notice that the Helena National Forest will soon be recruiting to fill up to four permanent-seasonal Forester positions with the Northern Region Timber Strike Team located in Missoula, MT.  This position is a permanent seasonal 13/13 appointment.  Seasonal 13/13 appointments are described as appointments in which the incumbent is guaranteed full-time work for at least 13 pay periods and may be in a nonpay status for up to 13 pay periods of the year.  This is a career ladder position that will be filled at either the GS-460-5, GS-460-7, or at the target grade of GS-460-9, depending on qualifications. This notification is being circulated to inform prospective applicants of the upcoming opportunity and to determine interest in the positions.

Extensive travel is required for these positions.  Employees can expect to be in travel status up to 100% of the time.  Work Schedule is maxi-flex: consisting of various schedules including: 8, 10-hour days (Wednesday- Wednesday); 4, 10- hour days (Monday- Thursday); and/ or up to 17, 10-hour days in a row to accommodate extended travel.


Duties include assisting in the completion of timber sale preparation work throughout the United States.  At the entry level GS5 these positions will serve as a crew member.  At the GS7 level they will serve as crew leaders for a timber sale preparation crew.  At the GS9 level the incumbents will serve as project leaders for various timber management projects.  Opportunities abound for a diversity of experiences in these positions.

The incumbents will be responsible for assisting in the completion of all work related to timber sale preparation.  This includes field reconnaissance, harvest unit layout, boundary painting, implementing silvicultural prescriptions, planning and implementation for logging systems, transportation planning, cruise planning and design, stand exams, quality control, oversight of field crews, and assembling timber sale packages.  Incumbents will also be responsible for the use of software including Cruise Design, FS Cruiser, Cruise Processing, Terrasync, Arc GIS, Pathfinder Office, Two Trails, and Skyline Excel.

Duty Station:  The duty station for these positions is Missoula, Montana.  Extensive travel is required for these positions.  Employees can expect to be in travel status up to 100% of the time.  For information about Missoula, Montana visit:

How To Apply:


Qualification Requirements:  The OPM Qualification Standards Handbook is available for review at any federal personnel office OR on the Internet at:

Interested applicants who respond to this outreach will be notified when the vacancy announcement posted to  All applications need to be submitted through the website at

For More Information:

Contact Russ Walker at (406) 214-6077 or via email at  for more information regarding these positions.


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