Outreach Notice

Resource Monitoring and Assessment Program

Forest Inventory and Analysis

620 SW Main Street, Suite 400

Portland, OR 97205

Forestry Technician GS-0462 -5/6 – Prefield Forestry Technician

The PNW Research Station is seeking an exceptional employee for a permanent seasonal GS-0462-5/6 Forestry Technician. This position is located in the Pacific Northwest Research Station’s Portland Forestry Sciences Lab.

The Prefield Forestry Technician supports the Forest Inventory and Analysis program by preparing field materials, creating maps and imagery using ArcGIS software, assessing land conditions using aerial imagery, managing historical documents and ownership records, and preparing correspondence. See more information in the attached outreach notice. 

The purpose of this outreach notice is to identify possible candidates for non-competitive consideration as well as determine the potential applicant pool for this position.

Interested applicants should return the attached form to Melissa Patterson at mhpatterson@fs.fed.us by August 12, 2016To be considered for this position without competition, please also include your resume. Those desiring further information about the position may inquire via the email listed above.

You can find the attached form here: OUTREACH_GS-462-5-6_Prefield_Forestry_Technician072516



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