Fun Summer Reading: Jackie’s Wild Seattle

Jackie’s Wild Seattle

By Will Hobbs

What was the very first thing that led to the writing of this story?

A newspaper clipping. My brother-in-law in Seattle was aware that I’m always cutting articles out of newspapers and magazines—just anything that catches my fancy. You never know what might turn into a story! The clipping he sent was about a volunteer for a wildlife rescue and rehab center who rescued a wild coyote from an elevator in a downtown Seattle office building. Amazingly enough, the man did it without tranquilizing the animal. He just sat down in the elevator with the coyote, talked to it, calmed it down and brought it out in a carrier. I resolved to visit the wildlife center the next time I was in the area, and to meet these amazing people.

Lost, Frightened And Trapped — Coyote Ducks Into Downtown Building


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