Lolo National Forest GS-9 Fish Biologist Position

The Forest Service is happy to announce the GS-9 Fisheries Biologist position in Huson, MT will be open and posted on starting tomorrow, August 23. The Merit announcement (existing government employees) will close September 1st; and note the Demo announcement (open to all) has a short window and closes on August 25th. The links to the vacancy announcements below will be available tomorrow, or use the Job Announcement Number to search on USAjobs.


Job Announcement Number: 16-0116-0245023G-PT

Job Title: Fish Biologist, GS-0482-9

Opens 8/23/2016; closes 9/01/2016



Job Announcement Number: 16-0116-0245023DP-PT

Job Title: Fish Biologist, GS-0193-9

Opens 8/23/2016; closes 8/25/2016



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