Environmental Policy Internship Opportunity

I-732 is a first in the nation carbon tax initiative headed to the November 2016 ballot. I­-732 hopes to reform Washington’s tax code to incentivize clean energy, reduce emissions, and shift the tax burden off of low income families and toward polluters.

The first major task of the campaign was the collection of 360,000 signatures in Washington State from April through December 2015 to qualify for the 2016 ballot. The campaign must now work to educate, inform, and mobilize voters across the state to pass the initiative. Interns will coordinate with other interns across the state to join the campaign as fellows, learning and assisting with all aspects of the campaign.

The campaign is looking for summer interns to assist the youth vote manager and outreach coordinator in implementing the first phase of the campaign throughout August, with the possibility to extend the internship. Interns will work about 15 hours a week over 10­-12 weeks and start dates are flexible. The organization also has some fellowship and paid jobs available. More information is available on Carbon Washington’s website at http://yeson732.org/job-announcements.

Internship details on the attached flyer:


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