Dawg Daze Bike Tour

If you’re interested in the sustainability projects that are taking place on campus and enjoy bike riding then this is the perfect opportunity for you!

Join UW CSF for a 4.5 mile Dawg Daze tour of on-campus, sustainability projects funded through the CSF. They are a student-run, student-funded grant organization that makes available over $300,000 a year for on-campus, student-led sustainability projects. Since their founding in 2010, the organization has funded 80 projects; a handful of which you’ll visit on the tour!

Participants are highly encouraged to bring their own bike and helmet. If that option is unavailable, email uwcsf@uw.edu and they will help you find a rental. For more info, check out the organization’s website at csf.uw.edu.

Event Partners: ASUW Bike Shop, Kincaid Ravine Restoration Project, The UW Farm, Society for Ecological Restoration – UW Chapter, UW Grounds Management, UW Transportation Services.


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