Capstone Opportunities in the Doty Lab

Capstone Opportunities in the Doty Lab

*A strong background in biology is required for all of these projects*

Expectations: Participation in lab meetings, presentation of your project at the end of each quarter; written research proposal based on discussions with Prof. Doty and readings; written paper (publication style) at the end of the project; data kept in a notebook; presentation in spring at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium. Prof. Doty will meet with you regularly to guide you and train you as will other members of her lab. You will be included as an author on publications resulting from your research. Since publication is the goal, it is essential that data collection is carefully performed and recorded.

Project Subject: Nitrogen Fixation by Microbial Endophytes in Crop Plants

Type of Research: Primarily,the project involves quantification of plant growth but also involves some microbiology, plant-microbe interactions studies, and sterile plant culture. The student will inoculate and care for plants in order to assess the effect of endophytes on growth.

Purpose: Addition of nitrogen-fixing endophytes of poplar onto rice and tomato resulted in increased plant growth and health. This project will involve assessing the effect of adding N-fixation mutant endophytes to these plants in order to determine if the enhanced growth is due to N-fixation or from hormone production by the endophyte, as well as determining what bacterial genes are necessary for N-fixation by the endophytes in the plant.

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