EarthCorps: Time to Plant!

Fall Planting Challenge: It’s time to plant!

Do you love the fall, or do you dread it? Here at EarthCorps, we welcome fall! We think the low hanging blanket of clouds is comforting. Why? It’s a great excuse to curl up with a good book and cup of tea … and the clouds mean that it’s time to plant!

In the Pacific Northwest, it’s important to plant native plants during the wet and rainy months. They need lots of water to grow a healthy root system before the hot, dry summer comes along. Our Fall Planting Challenge starts October 22nd. Help us get 10,000 plants in the ground by December 15th! Are you up to the challenge? Let’s get planting! Come out to an EarthCorps volunteer event and lend a hand!

October 15th – OO Denny Park in Kirkland
October 21st – Kincaid Ravine near the University of Washington October 22nd – Longfellow Creek in West Seattle
October 22nd – Ellis Pond on Mercer Island
October 29th – Idylwood Park in Redmond
October 29th – Seward Park in South Seattle

The Biggest Planting event of October: Duwamish Alive

Join us on October 22nd at Longfellow Creek for a big planting event that is part of Duwamish Alive.

Longfellow creek in West Seattle is the second largest salmon bearing creek in Seattle. (Thornton Creek is the largest.) Every year, salmon return to the creek but few manage to spawn because polluted runoff rapidly kills or disorients them. Volunteers are helping EarthCorps restore
the greenspaces along the creek to improve water quality and provide habitat. Join us!

EarthCorps is also leading Duwamish Alive events in Tukwila and South Seattle on October 22nd.

Find out more about each of these events on our Volunteer Calendar:


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