Region 6 Centralized Permanent Fire Hire

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Region 6 Centralized Permanent Fire Hire

October 12, 2016


Intended Audience:  Applicants Applying to Permanent Fire Positions and Hiring Managers

This E-Blast is for communication regarding permanent fire hire.


R6 Fire Hire is a centralized hiring event that provides a streamlined, consistent approach to filling fire vacancies at the GS-9 level and below. R6 is mirroring the Fire Hire model already being utilized by Regions 1, 3, 4 and 5. A planning and implementation team comprised of representatives from each Forest has been working since March on the design and implementation of R6 Permanent Fire Hire. Important dates have been established for this event:


·         October 1st-October 31st  Regional outreach for all fire positions in R6

·         November 1st-Novmber 15th vacancies open in USA JOBS

·         January 21rd-January 30th Subject Matter Expert (SME) application review

·         January 30th– February 9th Recommendation / Selection weeks

What the applicant needs to know:


·         Read the entire announcement before you begin.

·         To create a resume, it is recommended you use the Resume Builder in USAJOBS. If you use a different format, be sure to include all the information requested in the USAJOBS resume template. Data requested in USAJOBS is specifically needed to determine an applicant’s eligibility. Ensure you include previous supervisors with their current email address and phone number for reference purposes.

·         Apply to all positions and duty stations you are interested in, even if there is not currently a vacancy. If a vacancy occurs as a result of FIRE HIRE it will be filled through a back fill process at the centralized event.

·         Include current Non-Award SF- 50, Notice of Personnel Action. Ensure blocks 15, 24 and 34 are populated.

·         Include current Incident qualifications record. This can be obtained by your supervisor.

·         Include current, signed Performance Appraisal. This can be obtained by your supervisor.

·         Include College Transcripts (if applicable)

For more information regarding Region 6 Fire Hire including the types of vacancies, duty stations, how to apply and help guides please visit:


As a supervisor you can help potential applicants by:


·         Communicating the open and closing dates for vacancy announcements.

·         Completing Performance Appraisals on all employees regardless of their tour. Provide electronic copy. Ensure it is dated and signed within the last 18 months.

·         Help employees obtain all necessary Non-Award SF-50 Notice of Personnel Actions in electronic format.

·         Provide employees with electronic copy of Incident Qualification Certification System (IQCS) master record.

·         Ensure completion of electronic Fire Hire reference check form for employees. This form is available on the R6 Fire Hire website. (this is VERY important)

For more information regarding R6 Permanent Fire Hire including Fire Hire Outreach, important dates, help guide and important links please visit:


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