Friendly Water for the World: Combined Fund Drive for Clean Water


Friendly Water for the World teaches communities around the world to build and install BioSand Water Filters to ensure their own safe water supply. BioSand Filters are a simple, affordable, household technology, built of all  local materials, that can remove virtually all bacteria, viruses, protozoa, amoebae, and worms from water, as well as metals such as cadmium, iron, manganese, and lead. In doing so, communities can reduce and prevent the spread of typhoid cholera, bacterial dysentery, Rotavirus, hepatitis A, and other waterborne illnesses, and thus save and transform lives.

Their objective: To establish self-sustaining businesses ensuring clean water.

Friendly Water for the World is a very young organization. We are not a traditional charity, but a knowledge-sharing and training organization. Our work is dependent on our extraordinary representatives beyond North America who bring their intelligence, resilience, pent-up initiative, labor, caring, and generosity to the task of ensuring clean water for everyone.  And we are empowered by them, firm in the knowledge that together we can change the world, one community at a time. We are always looking for people who share our vision. We seek volunteers, area representatives, donors, and sponsors, who are excited about our work as we are.


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