Winter/Spring 2017 Capstone/ Research Opportunity

Through a partnership with the University of Washington and King County, students are needed to develop a Forest Stewardship Plan for the 600-acre Soaring Eagle Regional Park in Sammamish, WA just east of Seattle. Students develop and deliver a professional-quality plan which King County will use for forest management decisions.

The Forest Stewardship Plan will require a range of tasks with room for students to focus on a particular interest area. Students will be required to also assist in field work, analysis, and writing to complete the plan in coordination with other students, instructors, and King County foresters.

· Forest inventory and data collection

· Forest growth modeling in FVS

· Develop logging systems plans

· Develop public outreach strategies

· GIS analysis and map making

· Carbon storage

· Other resource areas related to forest management

Please see attached flyer for more details.


Derek Churchill will advise students with assistance from Paul Fischer on this Capstone/Research, in conjunction with King County foresters.

Contact Paul at pfisch5 for more info.

King County Forest Management Capstone 2016-2017 Flyer.pdf


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