Sea Dawgs marine bio club event

Happy end of week 5! Hopefully midterm season is ending for you all because the UW marine biology club, Sea Dawgs, is excited to announce to you a fun upcoming event next week on Wednesday 11/2 and Thursday 11/3 from 3 – 4 PM in the Fisheries Teaching and Research Building (FTR).

The UW Fish Collection/Ichthyology Lab is hosting a tour for all of you to join – so come and bring any fish-enthusiast friends along with you. The Ichthyology Lab has the largest fish collection in North America and it’s right here on your college campus, so you better get excited!! They have about 400,000 (four HUNDRED THOUSAND!!) preserved specimen from sharks to angler fish which were collected from waters around the PNW, Alaska, the Philippines, Guam, and more — extra info on their website .

You can RSVP on our Facebook page or email us and let us know which day you’d like to join! Hope to see you all there!





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