BIOE Global Health Technology course winter 2017


Global Health Technology: Molecular Diagnostics (WIN 2017, BIOEN 498/599)

Class detail: 4 credits, Winter 2017, WF 9:30‐11am, lab sessions (tentatively Thursday 6‐8pm)

Instructor:  Dr. Barry Lutz, Department of Bioengineering ( Course

Description: The course will teach engineers principles, tools, and technologies needed to practice or develop nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) diagnostics and their context in global health.   Overview: Analysis of DNA or RNA markers has revolutionized disease diagnosis, and translating this capability to low‐resource settings is a major global health need.

The goal of the course is for students to gain a baseline understanding of nucleic acid diagnostics, for developed world or global health settings. The first half of the course introduces the core processes in nucleic acid diagnostics with a focus on the underlying engineering analysis. Asthe course progresses, we will touch upon translational issues including sample types, test validation, and technical constraints of low‐resource global health settings.

Coursework will include application of engineering principles and quantitative analysis, but will be accessible to undergraduate students and graduate students with general chemistry, math, and engineering skills. Graduate students will complete an extra project assignment. The exposes students to sample preparation, nucleic acid hybridization, enzyme kinetics, and detection. The course and lab are intended to be accessible to beginners while digging beneath the surface for engineers with moderate PCR experience.

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