POLSH 420 Winter 2017

Polish Poster Art: Visual
Metaphors of Freedom Behind the Iron Curtain
MW 2:30-4:20
Raitt Hall, Room 116
SLN 19372 VLPA
Instructor: Izabela Gabrielson

Throughout over 40 years of communism in Poland, poster art
was undoubtedly one of the most interesting forms of resistance. The Polish Poster School revolutionized poster design and
introduced a visual language built on metaphors, wit, humor, and hidden messages. Generations that followed drew heavily on that tradition. This course will survey the most important trends and artists in the field of poster art, against the backdrop of Socialist Realism as well as the changes in the art of design taking place in the US during the reign of Push Pin Studios. It will follow Polish poster art through the collapse of communism into the promised land of democracy, and explore what this change meant to artists working in this genre.

Info: https://slavic.washington.edu/courses
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