National Hire Announcements – Additional Updates to Announcements

Updates were made to the 485 announcements (new numbers and links) and the 486 series.  Previous changes were made to the 401 series (new numbers and links). This will hopefully be the last of the updates for the announcements.


The FWS National Hire announcements are now open via the USAJobs website, please click on the links below to view/print the full announcements:


Opening Date: 11/04/2016        Closing Date: 11/18/2016


Fish and Wildlife Biologist (Ecological Services)

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1844725-CI

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1844733-CI

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1844740-CI

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1844748-CI


Wildlife Biologist

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1834869-JM

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1834845-JM

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1834884-JM

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1834867-JM


Fish Biologist

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1842579-BF

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1842576-BF

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1843537-BF

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1843447-BF


Fish and Wildlife Biologist (Ecological Services-PARTNERS)

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1843294-MS

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1843420-MS

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1843457-MS

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1843540-MS 


Wildlife Refuge Specialist

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1845145-JH

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1845128-JH

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1845176-JH

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1845156-JH


Fish and Wildlife Biologist (Ecological Services, Hawaii/Guam)

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1842016-CI

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1842024-CI

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1842020-CI

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1842025-CI


Wildlife Refuge Specialist (NWRS, Hawaii)

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1842184-CI

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1842187-CI

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1842188-CI

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1842190-CI


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