National Hire Announcements – Additional Updates to Announcements

The FWS National Hire announcements are now open via the USAJobs website, please click on the links below to view/print the full announcements:

Opening Date: 11/04/2016 Closing Date: 11/18/2016

Fish and Wildlife Biologist (Ecological Services)

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1844725-CI

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1844733-CI

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1844740-CI

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1844748-CI

Wildlife Biologist

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1834869-JM

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1834845-JM

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1834884-JM

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1834867-JM

Fish Biologist

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1842579-BF

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1842576-BF

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1843537-BF

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1843447-BF

Fish and Wildlife Biologist (Ecological Services-PARTNERS)

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1843294-MS

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1843420-MS

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1843457-MS

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1843540-MS

Wildlife Refuge Specialist

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1845145-JH

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1845128-JH

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1845176-JH

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1845156-JH

Fish and Wildlife Biologist (Ecological Services, Hawaii/Guam)

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1842016-CI

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1842024-CI

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1842020-CI

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1842025-CI

Wildlife Refuge Specialist (NWRS, Hawaii)

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1842184-CI

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1842187-CI

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1842188-CI

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1842190-CI


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