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The Umatilla National Forest, Pomeroy Ranger District will soon be filling a GS-460-7/9 Forester position.  The position is located on the Pomeroy Ranger District, Pomeroy, WA. The position is permanent full time.


Anyone interested in further information or in receiving a copy of the vacancy announcement when it opens should complete the attached Outreach Response Form and return it to Johnny Collin email : jcollin@fs.fed.us) by December 14, 2016 or for more information call Johnny Collin at 509-843-4643.


ABOUT THE POSITION:   This position serves as the District’s Pre Sale Forester.  Duties include:  Reviews and analyzes the project sale folder information and conducts a preliminary field reconnaissance. Assembles the timber sales contract packages. Determines and arranges for the resources needed to complete the layout of sales. Identifies the land status and environmental constraints affecting layout of the proposed project on the ground. Compiles and analyzes field data and completes environmental assessment reports and environmental impact statements. Prepares detailed maps, timber sale appraisals, timber sales write up, advertisements, prospectus, and sample contracts for the sale. Interviews prospective purchasers and explains contract clauses, road development, and cutting practices. Oversees cruising and marking of timber and prepares general logging plans and verifies logging system settings. Determines sale boundaries, proper location of logging roads, acceptable marking and cutting methods, stumpage prices, and the requirements for brush disposal, erosion control, and stand improvement. Summarizes all records acceptable for final appraisal, sale contract preparation, and subsequent timber management activities.

LOCATION:  The Umatilla National Forest comprises the northern most part of the Blue Mountains of Northeast Oregon, and Southeast Washington.  Surrounding lowlands are dominated by agricultural uses such as dry-land grains, peas and cattle.  Pendleton, Oregon houses the Umatilla National Forest Supervisor’s Office approximately 110 miles to the south of Pomeroy.


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