More Fiddleheads Forest School Internship & Volunteer Opportunities

Join the University of Washington Botanic Gardens Fiddleheads Forest Schoolstaff at the beautiful Washington Park Arboretum in supporting the development and growth of the very first outdoor preschool in Seattle, a pioneering program that has received international attention and acclaim (check out our profile in the New York Times!). Fiddleheads grows and changes with each passing year, and our internships allow for volunteers to participate in creating and implementing a uniquely dynamic, high-quality educational program!

Gain valuable experience in early childhood development as well as nature-based education while working closely with teachers to create and lead fun, age appropriate, educational activities. This position will assist with activity development, material preparation, and supervision of children ages 3-5 to provide a safe, enjoyable and developmentally appropriate educational experience. Fiddleheads Forest School is a 10-month program and based at the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle, Washington. We actively collaborate on a local, regional, and national level to develop best practices and set standards for the rapidly growing nature-based education movement through our work with the Council on Nature and Forest Preschools, the Washington Nature Preschool Alliance, and with researchers and faculty at UW and beyond.

Interns and volunteers will have the opportunity to gain the following:

-Experience with early childhood behavior, and physical, emotional and social development.

-Time spent outside in an extraordinary environment, engaging children with the natural world through art, games, exploration, science, dramatic play and stories.

-Opportunity to further develop skills in teaching and engaging children outdoors.

-Support from staff such as access to resources like experts and professionals in the field, curriculum guides, and reference books, and one-on-one time with the lead teacher to reflect on experience, seek feedback and discuss projects/connection to class work.

-The chance to participate in and influence the development of an internationally known and respected program.

Volunteer:Commit to one day (or more!) per week for the duration of at least of one quarter (Fall, Winter or Spring) from 8:45am-1:15pm.

Internships:We are equipped to support internships. We are happy to help create a specialized internship to suit your needs and interests!

Life in the forest grove is an extraordinary experience. Contact Kit Harrington at ffschool for more information about how you can participate.




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