Mount Vernon, WA: Viva Farms Incubator seeks Farm Manager

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Farm Manager

Reports to: Operations & Incubator Director (OID)

Supervises: Viva Farms Intern(s) and/or Americorps Service Member(s)

Salary & Benefits: DOE

Position Summary

The Farm Manager works closely with incubating farmers and is the primary provider for any and all technical assistance in aiding farmers’ success in organic production. The Farm Manager will assist farmers in proactively managing risk through production planning so as to avoid problems before they occur and responding appropriately if they do. Areas of technical assistance and best production practices include: crop planning,
fertility management, weed and pest control, irrigation, harvest forecasting and guidance, equipment operation, and other concerns. In addition, the Farm Manager is primarily responsible for maintenance and upkeep of all Viva Farms facilities and equipment. The Farm Manager will leverage his/her familiarity with and connections to local agricultural practitioners to identify opportunities and garner support in the successful fulfillment of the position.

Essential Responsibilities

1. Be a resource to Viva farmers, managing an effective system of availability to address technical farming concerns.

2. Develop and maintain systems of accountability for Viva Farmers in compliance with policies and procedures in Viva Farmer Manual.

3. In conjunction with the OID and other Viva Staff, design and manage organizational and maintenance schedules and systems for all of Viva Farms’ equipment, tools and facilities.

4. Monitor, evaluate and repair shared and “whole” farm systems, including irrigation, road conditions, and common areas, and devise effective ways to mediate between farmers and other stakeholders.

5. Determine equipment needs for Viva Farms as a whole and assist in purchasing of equipment in conjunction with Incubator Program Manager.

6. Conduct safety training on equipment with Viva Farmers.

7. Directly assist farmers in various aspects of record keeping and planning, including production planning, equipment use, field inputs, harvest records, and annual reviews.

8. Assist farmers as able, and in instances where outside advice and guidance is needed, to seek out local and regional specialists to solve problems in a cost effective manner.

9. Supervise and direct volunteers and interns as their work relates to the successful fulfillment of this position.

10. In conjunction with other Viva Farms’ staff, maintain and cultivate any acreage at Viva Farms not in production by an incubating farmer.

11. Other duties as assigned.


· 5 years of experience working in certified-organic agricultural production.

· Familiarity with and ability to independently operate and maintain farm equipment, including tractors and implements.

· General handiness, including familiarly with and ability to operate power tools and hand tools, and general construction and safety skills.

· Strong written and oral communication skills, as well as a “systems-based” approach to organization.

· Proven capacity to develop and manage relationships with partners, including farmers.

· Ability to multitask, work under tight deadlines and self-manage time and workflow in order to maximize efficiency.

· Skilled in Windows, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Documents, and internet research. Proficiency in Adobe Quickbooks is a plus.

· Must demonstrate a commitment to the mission of Viva Farms and organic agriculture.

· Must be a positive team player, have a great sense of humor, and be able to maintain a positive demeanor under pressure.

· Bi-lingual English/Spanish is a must.

If interested, please send a resume, salary requirements and a cover letter explaining why you would be a great fit for this position to

Applications will be accepted until the position until February 10th.


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