Study Abroad with American Indian Studies: Tribal Canoe Journey Field Study

Tribal Canoe Journeys


Summer 2017 B-term

Dates of Instruction: 7/20/17 – 8/19/17

Application Deadline: 2/15/17

Standing Together: Tribal Canoe Journey Field Study at Cape Mudge and Campbell River, British Columbia is a response to the official invitation from the We Wai Kai and We Wai Kum Nations of British Columbia, presented at the Paddle to Nisqually this year at the culmination of the annual Tribal Canoe Journey on August 6, 2016, we quote the invitation here, so that the intention of our host will be clear:

The coastal waters of British Columbia have sustained our peoples since time immemorial, providing access to precious resources and connecting our communities to one another. This common thread weaves our histories, stories, art and families togeth er and helps ensure our cultural traditions thrive with each new generation.

The canoes will arrive into Cape Mudge on Saturday, August 5th and into Campbell River on August 7th. On both occasions, public community feasts will be held. It is anticipated that between seventy-five and one-hundred canoes will participate and an additional 5,000 guests will line the shores to witness history in the making.

Join the tribe on the beach as the canoes are called in and formally welcomed to the territory. What a tremendous opportunity this represents in the building and nourishing of intercultural and cross cultural relationships. Your participation serves to strengthen the nation and their peoples, and demonstrates the unified commitment to working together for the common good.

This program is open to all students, of all levels, faculty, and staff, from all campuses at the University of Washington, and other universities. Participation of the community is also encouraged, and non-matriculating students will be accepted.

Learn more about the program at UW Study Abroad and at The Daily.


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