Wildlands Studies – Summer 2017 Programs

A cozy winter greeting from Wildlands Studies!

We love winter but we can’t help and think about the summer and warm tropical places. We invite applications from students for our upcoming 2017 summer programs.

Wildlands Studies has spaces available on our 6-week programs in Australia and Belize and on our shorter 2-week programs in Banff, Yellowstone, Big Sur and the California Channel Islands. Learning through direct experience and immersion, these incredible programs enable students to bridge the gap between theory and hands-on research and conservation. Students leave our programs well versed in field research methods and data
acquisition, and set themselves apart when applying for internships, professional employment, or graduate school by citing the knowledge and experience cultivated during the program.

Our Summer 2017 Australia Project examines the ecology and cultural history of the Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef while also researching species interactions, patterns of diversity and animal behavior. In Belize, we research wildlife habitats such as rainforests, coastal mangroves and lagoons while studying the rich cultural geography of the region.

During our 2-week programs, we research wildlife corridors in Banff, human-wildlife conflict with grizzly bears and wolves in Yellowstone, coastal watersheds and marine mammal populations in Big Sur, and the recovery of the Island fox on the Channel Islands.

The opportunity to visit such amazing and unique environments, and to learn research methods while working alongside environmental professionals, is rarely offered to undergraduates. Wildlands Studies programs also make great resume builders and preparatory courses for graduate school.

We invite students to review our website: http://www.wildlandsstudies.com. Each program has a full project description, syllabus and photos on the field project webpage. We are currently accepting applications for 2017 summer and beyond.




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