LGBTQ Study Abroad in Mexico City

Greetings, I am Anu Taranath, faculty in English & CHID. I work on global literatures, transnational feminism and queer studies. I also engage with issues of identity, race and difference both on our campus and more broadly throughout the state as a public speaker, consultant and workshop facilitator.

I am happy to share that I will be co-directing two study abroad programs this summer, one in Summer A to Mexico and the second in Early Fall Start to Senegal.

Summer A’s program is “LGBTQ Communities and Change” to Mexico City:

The Early Fall Start program is “Migration, Community and Storytelling” in Senegal.

I’m looking for thoughtful, curious and engaged students to participate in these programs. Does that sound like you?

thank you,

Dr. A. Taranath
Faculty, University of Washington Seattle
Proprietor, AT Consulting: dialogues for justice


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