Forest Service Jobs: What You Can Do Even During A Hiring Freeze


Start now with – This website is the only way to apply for Forest Service jobs. The website is not the easiest to deal with, yet it is still the only way managers have to hire. You will need to start with setting up a profile on USAjobs and get your documentation ready. It is also recommended you use the resume builder in USAjobs as well. This can take a fair chunk of time and you need to plan ahead at least a few weeks in advance of a job coming open to ensure you have everything you need. You must follow the instructions, include all documents that are required, and complete required fields to the letter or your application will not be considered for the position. If you have questions about this, call the hiring manager for the position in addition to the HR number that is given. Again, this is where you need to give
yourself time in the process and now is the perfect time to do so.

Outreaches – The Forest Service uses a pre-announcement or “outreach” process first before we formally advertise jobs. This is an important step for us as the responses we get help us determine how to advertise the job. Even during the federal hiring freeze, some hiring managers are posting their jobs in anticipation of the freeze being over. At least once a week check the outreach database that houses all the jobs we are outreaching for. If you find an outreach of interest, make sure to fill out the form and send it in to the hiring manager.

Link to the outreach database:

Call the Hiring Manager – This is likely the single most important thing you need to do when applying for a Forest Service job. During a hiring freeze, you can still and should take advantage of the time to visit with hiring managers. Hiring manager’s contact information is found on the outreach for each job (see above). The Federal application process is highly centralized and we can receive upwards of 200-400 applicants per job. If you don’t stand out, you won’t. Do not simply submit an application and hope for the best. Hiring decisions are still made at the local level and influenced greatly by the local hiring manager. You need to call or better yet if you can, stop by and visit with the hiring manager. Be prepared to ask questions about the job, the location, housing, specific skill sets they are looking for, etc. Also be prepared to tell them about yourself, why you want the job, what your future goals are, etc. Hiring managers are also great people to ask questions about



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