Washington State Legislative Internship

Have you heard of the Washington State Legislative Intern Program? This is a paid, for-credit internship opportunity for college students of any major to work as staff at the Capitol during the Legislative Session (January through March or April). Around 70 students each year are hired from colleges around the state. Political experience is not necessary: they’re always looking for students from diverse backgrounds who are active leaders, engaged in campus communities, and excited to learn about government and gain practical job skills.

The 2017 internship will run from January 3, 2018, through March 8, 2018. Applications are open now and are due on October 18, 2016.
Students must be enrolled juniors or seniors, in good academic standing, and receiving academic credit for the internship. Students of all majors are welcomed and provided amazing opportunities for networking, shadowing, and real-world experience in a wide variety of fields, from state government and politics to business, law, criminal justice, communications, social work, environmental policy, education, and public health.

WA State Senate and House Intern Coordinators will be on campus April 24 and 25. Location and times for info sessions can be found on their website.

More information about the Legislative Internship Program is available on our website at http://www.leg.wa.gov/internships. Students are welcome to contact your school’s campus contact person (Mark Weitzenkamp) any time with questions.


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