Paid Undergraduate Research Opportunity

The hydrobiogeochemistry Research Group at UW is looking to hire undergraduates interested in conducting research on a range of different projects. The position will be paid.

To apply visit:

1) Arsenic biogeochemistry in contaminated lakes in western Washington. Join a research project examining the cycling of arsenic in urban lakes in the Seattle-Tacoma area that are contaminated with heavy metal pollution from operation of the former smelter in Ruston, WA. You will learn various laboratory techniques for processing and analyzing water and sediment samples, and will get trained to use departmental analysis instruments. You will be responsible for evaluating data quality and contributing to data synthesis. If desired, you will have opportunities to participate in weekly fieldwork at study lakes.

2) Using Microbial DNA to Examine Wetlands as a Feedback on Climate Change. Join a research project examining how natural wetlands act as a feedback on climate change by producing methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. The research will focus on microbes living in the soil surrounding plant roots and the complex microbial food web that controls methane dynamics. You will learn various laboratory techniques for processing and analyzing DNA and will process samples all the way from the initial DNA extraction from soil to the final archiving of samples after data has been collected.

3) The Impact of Climate Change on Rice Quality (micronutrients and toxins). Work on an interdisciplinary research project between UW’s Hydro-biogeochemistry lab and Plant Ecophysiology lab. The primary goal of the project is to determine different environmental conditions impact nutritional quality of important staple food crops. You will gain experience caring for and monitoring rice plants, and sampling and analyzing soil, pore water and plant tissue.You must be willing to regularly commute to different locations on campus, including Wilcox and Merrill Hall, and have the ability to lift and carry 50lbs short distances.


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