Trachette Jackson– Boeing Colloquium 4/27 SMI 120

Dear Colleagues,
I am pleased to invite you to the Applied Math Department’s Boeing Distinguished Colloquium delivered by Prof. Trachette Jackson from Department of Mathematics at the University of Michigan. The title and abstract are given below.

What: Trachette Jackson, Boeing Distinguished Colloquium
When: Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 4 PM
Where: Smith Hall 120

The talk will be followed by a reception in the Lewis hall lounge.

Title: Turning Cancer Discoveries into Effective Targeted Treatments with the Aid of Mathematical Modeling

Abstract: As a group of genetic diseases, cancer presents some of the most challenging problems for basic scientists, clinical investigators, and practitioners. A critical challenge of experimental therapeutics for cancer is to decide which drugs are the best candidates for clinical trials. In order to design novel treatments that are able to effectively and selectively target pathways involved in tumorigenesis, it becoming increasingly necessary to make use of cross-disciplinary, systems science approaches, in which innovative theoretical and computational cancer models play a central role. The goal of this talk is to demonstrate how combining mathematical modeling, numerical simulation, and carefully designed experiments can provide a predictive framework for better understanding tumor development and for improving cancer treatment. In particular, mathematical models designed to predict the effect of novel anti-cancer therapies aimed at biomolecular and biomechanical even!
ts associated with vascular tumor growth will be presented and recent advances will be highlighted.


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