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Job: CEO replacement

Company Overview: Tens of billions of dollars are lost annually due to irritation, illness, death, and lost performance and productivity due to poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Botanic Air was established in Seattle in early 2012 with the purpose of combining the most effective methods of purifying indoor air from VOCs and PM, reducing CO2, and moderating humidity. From online research, the most attractive and efficient means to accomplish this is by combining two natural methods- organic catalytic chemistry and plant biology, with the added benefit of reducing carbon dioxide and HVAC load, within the built environment (buildings). Our proof of concept laboratory results validated the efficacy of these two processes, both individually and combined. Our prototype system rides on the years of expertise of our vendors and is the basis for introducing our system (MVP) to potential customers. We aim to serve a variety of primarily commercial market segments within the built environment- office, retail, multi-use, multi-family, care/retirement communities, child/day care, school, fitness/gym, hospitality, dining, clinics, large single family, etc.; where people spend their time or congregate indoors. We have no outside debt or ownership (i.e. bootstrap). Our business model relies on vendor 30 day terms and customer 25-40% deposit with order.

Necessary skills:

– team recruiting, building, and leadership

– set and execute long term vision and strategy

– customer engagement, brand building, value creation expertise

– effective sourcing and use of available funds and network of support

– market strategic analysis and growth planning

– initiative, delegation, organization, problem solving

– good listener and communicator

– at least a four year degree & work/startup experience

– able to bear deferred income for 1-5 years while vesting and growing revenue

– basic MS office, ExCel, maybe QuickBooks, MS Access; physically fit

– gain strength from the advice of Founder / 100% Owner and others

Work site: Seattle or suburbs/King County

Compensation: equity vesting with some cut-outs from customer deposits, gradually increasing salary depending on revenue and EBIT.

Contact information for interviews:

Jonathan Sun

Phone Number: 8326383882 (text only)

Email: j5un


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