Spaces Available in JSIS 535

There are a few more spaces in the state section of JSIS 535, Technology, Society, and the Future. This is a course in the Masters of Arts in Applied International Studies that runs through A term.

JSIS 535 Technology, Society, and the Future (2)
This course explores the intersection of policy, technology and society. Technology is rapidly changing the way that humans interact with one another, markets are formed, and information is stored, shared and utilized. While technology has held and does hold great promise for being a force for both economic and social change, it also has the potential to be used in ways that threaten civil liberties, national security and data sovereignty. Private sector and civil society actors, government and military leaders, and regulators must work together to understand how new and emerging technologies will drive change across a wide range of sectors, and they must develop policies to ensure that technology is used to help improve and enrich the lives of those across the socioeconomic spectrum.


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