Autumn 2017: Perceptions of Nature in the Dense City

This Seminar on “Perceptions of Nature in the dense city” will focus on “practices integrating ecological systems in dense urban environments”.

Content: There is a current trend to design green environments and infrastructure in dense cities, which claim to be “Natural” or “representing Nature.” What is the “Nature” that designers and planners are referring to – and for what purpose? Is Nature a pristine condition in an untouched environment or can it be a hybridization of human and natural systems? How do such definitions and perceptions impact both professional approaches, and the public acceptance of new design idioms?

Through lectures, readings and discussions, this class will explore various perceptions and definitions of Nature associated with contemporary design processes and projects, especially in the context of climate change adaptation strategies. Independent research and case study will allow students to choose and investigate one particular aspect of these topics

Fall Seminar / 3 credits / LARCH 498K / 598K
Wednesdays 5:30 – 8:30pm / Gould 110
Poster final_Fall17.pdf


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