Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Program in Nepal

International Design Activism | Nepal Winter | Spring | 2018

International Design Activism | Nepal is an immersive 1-2 quarter (1 semester+) study abroad program focused on innovative, interdisciplinary problem solving and community-based planning, design and project implementation in the marginalized urban communities of Kathmandu, Nepal. During the program, students will gain an in depth knowledge of the social, political, cultural and environmental context of Nepal, explore Kathmandu’s urban form, architecture, ecology and technology and learn to speak basic Nepali. They will work in close collaboration with local students and stakeholders to plan, design, implement and assess the impacts of a community-driven project and learn about development practice from representatives of local universities, NGOs and government agencies.

Graduate and advanced undergraduate students from schools across campus (Built Environments, Arts, Environmental Sciences, Global Health, International Studies, Engineering, Business etc.) are encouraged to participate in the program during both the winter and spring quarters (spring semester+) of 2018. Students may also elect to participate in the program during the winter or spring quarter alone.

In anticipation of the winter/spring program, we will conduct a Seattle-based/online 2 credit preparatory seminar during the fall quarter (fall semester). Participation in a minimum of 3 orientation sessions during the fall seminar are required for enrollment in the program during the spring/winter quarters. Full enrollment in the fall seminar is not required but is recommended.

The program is sponsored by the Department of Landscape Architecture Informal Urban Communities Initiative in collaboration with the Jackson School of International Studies/Nepal Studies Initiative.

Applications for Winter Quarter are due by June 15th

Applications for Spring Quarter will be due by November 15th

For more information:

Visit the UW International Programs and Exchanges program webpage

Visit the Informal Urban Communities Initiative webpage

‘Visit the Nepal Studies Initiative webpage

Contact Ben Spencer at

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