Aut 2017 Honors courses open to all UW students

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Did you know non-Honors students can register for Honors courses once Period II registration begins? If this is something the students you work with are interested in doing, please direct them to email us at uwhonors and we would be happy to issue them an add code.

We currently have two, 2-credit seminars with spaces open for fall.

HONORS 398A:The Brain, and the Healing Power of Poetry
This honors seminar seeks to explore the interface between poetry and the healing arts and science. We will review brain anatomy and physiology, and correlate brain domains thought to be essential to the creative process and the use of functional MRI scans to investigate these brain structures. Students will start by acquiring basic poetic craft and techniques to bring music and emotion into language. The history of poetry in medicine will be examined: its value in retrospective reflection, as a tool for teaching compassion to medical students, and as a vehicle for expression in mentally and physically afflicted patients. Renowned physician-poets will be discussed and each student will participate in vocalization of a selection of their poems.

The format of the class will be in a round table, workshop tradition with constructive, collegial critique. Each student will be required to generate "in-class" writing as well as weekly writing assignments, and to create 3-4 poems relevant to illness, death and healing. A broad spectrum of environmental, socio-political and personal grief can be the subjects for powerful poems that move us.
An editor, co-editor and graphic design artist and publicity agent will be chosen by the class to produce a 30-40 page book of poetry for publication by the University by the end of the seminar. A group reading at the University Bookstore or Seattle venue, in which all students must participate, will be graded as the final examination. Instructor’s role will be as a facilitator and guide to provoke thought, to generate innovative poems, and to open minds and hearts to the possibilities of poetry for self exploration in the realm of illness, death and healing.

HONORS 398B: Discovering European Cultures through Seattle Film Festivals
This class will explore cultural identities of contemporary Europe through films. We will watch 6 films in total. Every other week we will participate in a film festival at SIFF Uptown (students must pay and additional $25 to view the films) and get engaged with their prominent guests. We will learn about Ireland, France, Italy, Poland, and Romania through their most representative works and thus connect ourselves to contemporary Europe and its stories. After each screening we will share our understanding of the cultural profile of each nation in a creative way – designing a poster, creating a Facebook event, writing a blurb for a pamphlet, or a short imagist poem a la Ezra Pound.

You can see complete course descriptions of all our courses at If you or your students have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out!

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