SFS News: Face to Face with Asian Elephants in Cambodia


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October 11, 2017

Face to Face with Cambodia’s Asian Elephants

SFS Cambodia’s Dr. Megan English and her students recently embarked on an expedition to the Mondulkiri highlands to visit the Elephant Valley Project, an organization helping to give a more natural life to elephants that previously worked in tourist camps and logging industries. As silent observers, students collected data and witnessed a true animal lovers’ treat: elephants bathing in the river and spraying themselves with mud! READ MORE

+ Indigenous Livelihoods Under Threat: Dan Oliveira (Clark University / SFS Cambodia) describes recent meetings with the Bunong people, an indigenous group in the Mondulkiri area whose traditional lifestyles are threatened by urbanization and deforestation: “The Bunong people are true environmental stewards, having existed sustainably with the land for generations.” READ MORE

Discovering the “SFS Magic” in Australia’s Rainforests

What makes the SFS learning style stand out? SFS Australia’s Student Affairs Assistant, Anne McGarvey describes it perfectly: “Everywhere a student turns at the field station, the information in the world around them directly reinforces the information they learn in class. It makes things personal for students when they see their new home in the Australian tropics deteriorated by drought and the Great Barrier Reef bleached by climate change. This deep emotional connection with the ecological world is the magic behind studying abroad with SFS.” READ MORE

+ In Search of the Tooth-Billed Bowerbird: Imagine you’re hiking in the Atherton Tablelands. Rolling farmlands to your left, dense tropical rainforest to your right. The canopy around you closes, the air cools, and the sounds of whipbirds, bowerbirds, and cockatoos echo through the forest. Just then, you hear a large crash somewhere nearby… READ MORE

Why SFS, Why Now?
“It is difficult to be a strong advocate for environmental rights without physically seeing how other countries are dealing with environmental issues. There is so much that I am learning about and appreciating through this program, and I could not be more grateful to be here right now.” – Abbey Churchill (University of Denver / SFS Costa Rica)READ MORE
Work Has Begun in TCI
With an amazing, hardworking crew on the ground, and generous support from the greater SFS community, rebuilding efforts are underway in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Docks, boats, buildings, and other infrastructure will need to be repaired, but the community on Big South has never been stronger. READ MORE

Breaking Free from the Classroom
“As an anthropology major, I had always assumed that forestry was technical and, albeit important for grazing and timbering regulations, minimally applicable to broader issues of social importance. Looking at forestry through the lens of small-scale social forestry, rather than large-scale operations, brings concepts of equity, livelihoods, and development to the forefront of our learning.” – Renne Baldwin (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities / SFS Bhutan) READ MORE

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