Upcoming UWRA Scholarship & Fellowship deadlines

A reminder that application deadlines are coming right up:

-Applications for the UWRA Scholarship in Aging must be submitted by January 19. The form can be both found and submitted here:
https://catalyst.uw.edu/collectit/dropbox/randolcl/41110. This scholarship is open to undergraduate, graduate and professional students at any UW campus

-Applications for the UWRA Fellowship in Aging must be submitted by February 1. Find requirements here:
http://grad.uw.edu/graduate-student-funding/for-students/fellowships/list-of-fellowships/uw-retirement-association-fellowship-in-aging/. The fellowship is open only to students in the Graduate School.


Cathy Randolph

Associate Director UWRA | UW Retiree Relations

B80 Gerberding Hall

Box 351277 | Seattle WA 98195-1277

Phone: 206-543-8600

Web: uw.edu/uwra

UWRA Scholarship poster 17-18.pdf


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