Announcing – return of biology 100

The much sought-after biology 100 relating to drugs, neuroscience, abuse, legality, and addiction will return this summer. After trying the virtual version last summer, we return to a 75:25 face to face version this summer. With classes Tues – Fri (and Fridays that are often virtual) we feel your students will want to know about this NW, 5 credit class option!

Who does it best serve?

* students who are NON science oriented,
* students who want to learn how to reinvigorate their skeptically critical science identities, * students who are even a bit science phobic,
* students who want to understand the ways in which science informs their lives and intertwines with their options,
* and students who want to dig into their own health care decisions as matters of personal responsibility.

During its peak, Biology 100 (Drugs and the Human Body) was enrolling ~150 students EVERY quarter and there were 20-30 on the wait list. With its sequestration to summer quarter, the peer-to-peer network has not been as strong.


Ph.D. Principal Lecturer

Department of Biology

University of Washington

Seattle, WA 98195

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” Phil Collins


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