SFS News: Final Impressions of Spring 2018


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Researching Conservation and Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an incredible mix of national parks and reserves – diverse landscapes brimming with wildlife. SFS’ Professor Achim Häger and his students recently traveled to one of the most popular parks, Manuel Antonio, to conduct research on everything from capuchin monkey behavior to visitors’ use and perceptions of the park. Their goal?
Providing valuable data that will help improve the infrastructure and management of the park and allow it to be enjoyed for generations to come. READ MORE


+ Final Impressions of Costa Rica: We spoke with Kathleen Gekiere (Trinity University) at the beginning of the semester to get her first impressions of SFS Costa Rica. After spending the entire semester in Atenas, she shared her final impressions of the program. READ MORE

+ 5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Costa Rica: Alex Peterson (DePauw University) lists her top five, including class outside the classroom, lifelong friends, and getting outside your comfort zone! READ MORE


Final Impressions of Bhutan

“I now know that the slogan ‘Discover a different kind of classroom,’ that I saw on my first visit to the SFS website is quite accurate. I know it is grossly cliché to say but during this semester of study I feel as though I have become fully immersed in the ‘global classroom.’” – Katie Kelley (Bates CollegeREAD MORE


Final Impressions of Panama
“SFS is home. We have become accustomed to new lifestyles here and have enjoyed the company of numerous dogs. Happiness radiates from these walls, and I know that I will be devastated to leave this place.” – Caleb Amstutz (Guilford CollegeREAD MORE


Final Impressions of Cambodia
“If I was ever bored more than a minute this semester, then I knew I had to be missing something. The SFS experience swept me up in a constant whirlwind of work, laughter, and adventure.” – Sienna Rahe (Whitman CollegeREAD MORE

+ A Unique Experience: Check out Gil Haven’s (Clark University) final impressions. READ MORE


Final Impressions of Australia
“Being fully immersed in the environment, both academically and culturally, has easily been my favorite part of the SFS experience. There’s nothing quite like having an ecology course in the classroom one day and then going out into the field to observe everything we learned on the next.” – Henry Locke (Colby CollegeREAD MORE


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