Forest Service Jobs List for Week of May 14th

Positions Currently Advertised Now on
Recreation Technician GS-6 in Hungry Horse, MT (temporary) –

Avalanche Technician GS-7 in Bozeman, MT (temporary) –

Permanent Positions Also Being Outreached (Pre-Advertisement Period) 

Forest Fire Management Officer GS-12/13 in Kamiah, Idaho

Civil Engineer GS-7/9/11 in Kamiah or Grangeville, Idaho

Archaeologist GS-9/11 in St. Maries, Idaho

Realty Specialist GS-5/7/9 in Kalispell, Montana

Forestry Technician (Fire) GS-4/5/6 in White Bird, Elk City, & Grangeville, Idaho– multiple positions

Natural Resource Specialist (Recreation) GS-11 in Missoula, Montana

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To begin with, please visit our website to learn more about the jobs we have and the process.  In particular, see our “Tips – How to Get a Forest Service Job” and “Frequently Asked Questions” on our website at: on the right hand side in the Quick Links box.

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