SU18 class ENVIR 240 – Urban Farm (NW & I&S)

ENVIR 240 – The Urban Farm

Summer – full term

Thursdays noon-4:00pm

5 credits

I&S / NW

SLN: 14643

In this course, we will examine local farms to better understand how human and natural systems can integrate to form healthy ecosystems.

In this class you will:

· Become familiar with the varied agricultural ecosystems of our region

· Learn and apply concepts of conservation tillage, integrated pest management, carbon storage, and farmworker justice

· Explore the human and natural dimensions of sustainable agricultural systems across our region

· Design and practice implementing agro-ecosystem ideals on the student farm at the University of Washington


Beth Wheat

Jonathan Chen

Ana Wieman

ENVIR 240 Urban Farm SU18 flyer2.pdf


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