Black Womxn’s health and wellness fair

The Black Womxn’s Health Fair date and time at Tacoma Urban League is Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 12-4pm. Vendors can arrive as early as 10am. This is a free event for the community. Participation is also free for vendors but there is limited spots. Spots will be first come first served. Submit request to vend by August 27th 2018.

This is the “kick-off” event to generate interest and participation for a larger Black Womxn’s Health and Wellness Conference and Expo event being planned with members of our community (including interest from a couple of Universities to possibly host) next summer here in Tacoma.

If you as a vendor & want your logo to be included in any marketing online (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Google etc.), community posters, and/or landing pages etc. a $50.00-$100 fee is required from for-profit businesses (ask for details) and is $0.00 (free) for non-profits.

**See Attachment**

All excess funds will be donated to Tacoma Urban League.


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