Environmental Politics Video Project


We’re making a video and we need your help!

We’re partners with an organization called Potential Energy – a collective of creative agencies and environmental advocacies that are leaning in on the Washington State Initiative 1631- which is on the ballot next month.

It’s a huge issue, receiving international attention, and all the usual suspects are jumping into the fray, oil companies, mining interests, environmental conservation institutions, consumer groups… etc.

This campaign we’re working on is called SAVE THE HUMANS.

It’s a youth-led, bipartisan coalition of kids who believe that climate change is the biggest threat facing our nation.

They are focusing the conversation around saving a new endangered species: ourselves.

What we’re looking for:

Student-aged people who are both environmentally conscious and are advocates for a conservative social or political issue, i.e. Pro-Life, 2nd Amendment advocacy, etc.

We want to put this kind of person on-camera and advocate for stiffer environmental protections – alongside the other, more “typical environmentalist” young people that our partners have already put together to canvas for this law.

We want to shoot this video this weekend, Saturday, Oct. 13, in the Seattle area. It would require several hours of your time, and would involve an on-camera interview and a couple of hours of door-to-door canvasing for Initiative 1631.

We won’t be paying anyone for this. Ethically, it just doesn’t fit to do so… but we’ll buy you food and give you big hugs and connect you with people who are involved in environmental advocacy. Some of whom are pretty big deals in their field.

If interested, please contact:

Matt Skerritt
Director / Principal,
Lenz/Skerritt Media


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