Winter 2019 Diversity & Justice course, GRDSCH 640

The Graduate School is pleased to announce a new course for the Winter quarter entitled:

“Breaching Borders: Intersectional pathways towards equity and justice”

We invite graduate students, faculty, and staff from all disciplines to participate in this interdisciplinary course which seeks to engage and breach the boundaries between our various intersecting identities, and how these identities interact across issues of equity and social justice. Inspired by Gloria Anzaldúa’s concept of “borderlands”, we introduce the concept of “breaching” to invite participants to engage with, resist, and transgress across these invisible lines that have been constructed to divide us (e.g. gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, language, ability, mental health, and nation/states). The course will work as a collaborative space to explore the meaning of such identities in our lives and society, and strategize for fostering intersectional pathways towards equity and justice.

Please see the attached flyer for more information, and distribute widely across your department/unit.

You may email Saejin Kwak Tanguay (sjk119) with any questions.

Winter 2019 Course Flyer.pdf


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